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This black and white film dates to the Korean War. It was made for the general staff and considered confidential and rated restricted. There is no copyright at the beginning or end of the film but the date of the production remains early 1951.

Title cards: This Film is Restricted; Staff Film Reports of the Armed Forces - No. 130; film was photographed by cameramen of the armed forces. Title: INCHON FACILITIES DESTROYED (:08-:38). A map of Korea is shown. January 2, 1951 is on the map and the latest of what is happening in Korea is explained by a narrator (:38-1:11). Inchon, seaport for Seoul is evacuated. US Troops walk around. A US Admiral comes to inspect. High tides are causing problems. UN troops and US troops came last September. Due to possible threat from China, US Warships are at the ready (1:12-3:27). Civilian refugees. They wait for food and to evacuate. As they leave, their homes are burned behind them by US demolitions experts (3:28-5:38). As darkness comes, Inchon is destroyed in the face of the enemy. Lots of footage of explosions at night. Debris burns the next morning. Locomotives are watched burning from the sky as is Gimpo Airfield. Following the Chinese Third Phase Campaign and the defeat of UN Forces at the 38th Parallel, on 5 January 1951 General Ridgway ordered the evacuation of Seoul and the withdrawal of UN forces to a new defensive line along the 37th Parallel. Units based at Gimpo were withdrawn to the south and facilities were destroyed to prevent their use by Chinese and North Korean forces (5:39-7:37). The Communists who are moving in will find little to use. The ports and locks have been destroyed. Lots of aerial footage of destruction (7:38-8:09). Title card: Troops dig in near Suwon. UN Troops pullback due to advancing Chinese communists. Men of the 24th division fire to give cover to those evacuating. More refugees leave. British forces help. US troops dig in North of Suwon to be a delaying tactic (8:10-10:21) By Jan 8, 1951, the 2nd invasion of South Korea by Communists is about a week old and UN troops are retreating. Narrator explains what's occurring (10:22-11:07). Title card: South Korean Recruits. South Koreans join the UN Troops. They are inducted and being training. Small and sturdy they can help due to their knowledge of the terrain. They will be trained in the use US military equipment. Strict screening processes are in place to keep communist sympathizers out. Shots of them being shipped by boats to be trained (11:08-12:48). Title card: Combined Air Base. Cargo plane lands at Busan Airfield renamed 'Unityville.' Shots of planes and runways. Australian Airforce helps. Napalm and machine gun ammo are loaded onto planes. F-51 Mustangs get wing rockets. Mechanics work on the planes. A Mustang crashed and the aftermath is seen, the pilot is ok. This is the busiest UN airport on the Korean Peninsula (12:49-15:50). Title card: B-47 Jet Bomber. At the Boeing Plant in Wichita, KS, B-47s go into quantity production due to the President Truman's request. 50,000 planes a year is the goal. A total of 1 million men will be needed for this expanded airforce. The 6 engine bombers are capable of 10 tons of bombs. Size and specs on the plane are explained. Footage of a woman working on one of the planes. Lots of footage of people working on a plane. USAF personnel discuss. The Bomber is shown flying. This plane is headed for an important role (15:51-19:14). Title card: Late Situation Map. On Jan. 22, 1951, narrator explains what has happened and what did happen on this date. A map is shown (19:14-20:21). The End credits followed by This Film is Restricted, the same card at the beginning of the film (20:21-20:35)

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