[English/French Subtitles] Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah(HA) - War On Terror - March 21, 2002

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Landmark speech by Hizbullah Secretary General - delivered on the 20st of March 2002 (6th Muharram 1423) regarding the recently (at that time recently) US imposed so-called "War on Terrorism" - following the attacks on the World Trade Centre Towers in New York.

This version has English and French Subtitles.

"The racial discrimination towards the blacks is still persisting in every aspect. Moreover, there is a racial discrimination towards the Red Indians who are the original inhabitants of the country. ...I tell you frankly that if it wasn't for the determined willingness, ... and fight of the Palestinian people, the Americans and their civilization would have decided to solve that problem of...Palestinians just like they did with the Indians. This is the picture that lies in the mind of the American." --Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah - Muharram 7, 1423

The Secretary General of Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah(HA), addressing the people on the seventh night of Muharram for the year 1423 (March 20, 2002)

In this lecture, Sayyed Hassan(HA), explains the roots of Zionist occupation and American colonialism and so-called "New World Order", this is well worth reading.

In the Name of Allah the most Beneficent and most Merciful.

Praise be to Allah the lord of the world, and may peace and Allah's praises be upon our master and prophet, the purifier of our sins, and the love of our hearts Mohammed ibn Abdullah followed by his pure progeny, rightful followers, and all the martyrs and mujahideen for Allah's teachings since the birth of Adam until the day of judgment.
May peace be upon you my lord and master Abu Abdullah Al Hussein, and upon those spirits who are floating around thy grave.
I send you my adoration as long as night follows day.
I ask my dear Allah to keep me committed to continuously visit thee and thy family.
May peace be upon Al Hussein, Ali the son of Al Hussein, the sons of Al Hussein, and the followers of Al Hussein.

Dear brothers and sisters, May peace be upon you all;
Allah says in his Glory book Verily, Fir'aun (Pharaoh) exalted himself in the land and made its people sects, weakening (oppressing) a group (i.e. Children of Israel) among them: killing their sons, and letting their females live. Verily, he was of the Mufsidûn (i.e. those who commit great sins and crimes, oppressors, tyrants). And We wished to do a favor to those who were weak (and oppressed) in the land, and to make them rulers and to make them the inheritors, And to establish them in the land, and We let Fir'aun (Pharaoh) and Hâmân and their hosts receive from them that which they feared.
Let's remember some of the words in my speech I read to you on the first night.
I said that Al Hussein may peace be upon him, rose up and fought with the very few members of his family and his companions. He was protecting Islam, the values of Islam, and the existence of this religion, in order to prevent its termination, transformation, vanishing, or the manipulation of its teachings in an aim to send the people back to the early days of ignorance.
I added saying that there are many challenges at this time in which we are living. The declaration of war by the American Administration these days is nothing but a war on Islam, on the values of Islam, on the understandings of Islam, on the Quraan of Islam, and on the Prophet of Islam on the grounds that the existence this religion lives among the people of this nation and its Muslim followers.
I would like to stand up today in the atmosphere of this declaration of war to try and comprehend, explain, and realize the issues widely surrounding us. Consequently we'll realize our stand, the enemy we are facing, and the sort of reality or fact we are living in at this present time.

When we go back and read some of the words or phrases of the American president Bush speeches during the past few days, weeks and months, we will find that some of his words and phrases identified the title of this war.
For example, from what he said: it is the responsibility of each American at the present time to guarantee the domination and the spread of the American values in other parts of this world. I repeat the domination and the spread of the American values in other parts of this world. He spoke these words while he was addressing his officers and soldiers, encouraging them to be patient, endure and tolerate the difficulties.
He told them we are fighting for the values of civilization (of course it would be the materialistic American civilization!). He promises to send forces to this country or that in more than one occasion, and that he aims at transferring the values of the American society to the various countries, societies, and states, since terror cannot be exterminated by the means of military and security only. Yet he says it should be fought by means of culture, which means that we should wipe out the culture that gives birth to terrorists and uprisings, in order to replace it with another culture, which would not push those society individuals to commit acts of terror (of course it would be the terror according to the American comprehension).
In any case, this issue becomes clear to us, since even this war, which Bush announced, did not rely on any basic rules or thoughtful and cultural or educational rules. After his announcement of this war, he gave missions to a number of his American educationalists to write theories about this war, just as our leader imam Khamenaei(HA) said a few days ago.
After their declaration of war, starting the war, attacking Afghanistan, killing whomever they wanted, doing whatever they wanted. A group of their American educationists were assigned to write theories and ideologies about this war, to write the basics of the ethics and the theories for which this war stood.
Yet this confirms that what is being applied by America is killing first then issuing a verdict later. First we kill then we issue the verdict of killing. The American educationists issued a statement of mass killing but after the mass killing, which confirms that the ground on which this American war stands is not what these educationists are claiming, but something else.
Bush is calling for the world to follow his values (excluding Europe of course), he's aiming at the Arab and Islamic world in the first degree, a world from which he sees terrorists, yet his list of terrorists include mostly that of the states, organizations, parties, and personalities who belong to this Islamic world. Yet his promise to us is that the values of his society should conquer that of our countries and societies and replace them.
This night we will try to present a short and calm reading of the virtues and values of the American society, the virtues and values that are ruling the American society, and which he is promising and preaching to us.
He says that he will bring his values to our countries in order for us to become good people and not terrorists. Of course we must discover the truth, which lies clearly and sharply behind the picture that is showed by the media about the society of the USA, a picture that is a lie. Anyway, This truth could be discovered by reading some reports, studies, books, documentaries, and even watching some movies that shows some aspects of life in the society of the USA, we can reveal this truth through the various numbers of the statistics.
About one or two years ago and during the first night of Muharram I read my speech that was mostly statistical. I said that there were many actions of killings and murders, the increase in the number of prisons and prisoners, mentally sick people, drug users, and so one.
I still remember a significant number, which is: in the USA there is one out of five who is mentally sick.
I also mentioned statistics of murders, rapes, thefts, drugs, bandits, mafias, and the increasing number of the illegitamet children as a result of adulteries, and I read the numbers in your hearings.
There was a group of the American Press on that night. This group had an appointment with me on the following day. When they met with me I asked them what was their comment on what I had mentioned the day before and whether my information was or was not correct explaining that I relied on magazines, journals, and Arabic studies that may or may not be correct.
They replied telling me that the information and statistics that I mentioned yesterday were very old, and that the numbers were much less than those numbers and statistics published by USA press. It seems like the issues take much longer to reach to the Arab world. Of course they were right because I said last year that these statistics belonged the years of 92, 93 or 95, and that we did not have accurate statistics.
Tonight I do not have statistics because time is too short to mention both statistics and the idea, which I am going to read to you, and I ask you to give interest to its headings in order to obtain statistics and numbers that are high and amazing.
If we travel in our minds to the reality of the American society and the values, which are in fact ruling the American society, we will find that there are three basic issues that control the life of that society, the system, administration and the people as well.
These three basic issues are: money, sex, and power.
Try harder to look inside that society and you might find some limited phenomenas that do not relate to these three basic issues. But at the most any phenomena, politics, relations or bonds found in the American society are related to these three issues and ruled by them.
The ruling values in the American society are the same as those ruled during the Roman's Empire (money, sex and power), we will find that these rules will strongly interpret themselves when we enter the fields of society, family, morality, economy, military, politics and others. We'll try and enter these fields one at a time. When we enter the social life in the USA we can see where their values and virtues are leading. I have more than one heading.
The first heading says that the ruling values in the social life there are always leading to breaking the family bonds. The family is melting and slowly perishing in that society. Imagine a society in which the families are facing such circumstances that are against natural laws.
There are steep declines in the percentage of the number of marriages, steep inclines in the percentage of the number of divorces, and the popularity of marriage dishonesty (where it becomes popular and not an exception), yet running away from family responsibilities.
When boys and girls reach a certain age, the law allows them to do whatever they like from all the sins that the law allows (the end). Therefore you can notice that the son or daughter can go and come, as he or she likes, and thus why you find that the American family is usually lacking in unity.
Each member of the family (father, mother, son, daughter) is going into a different direction. They might see each other 1-3 times in a year, at Christmas, New Year, or on Thanksgiving Day (when a roast turkey will gather them). During the rest of the year no one knows what happens to the other.
Is the boy in prison? Is the girl lost? No one cares about the other. The family bonds or what we call family kind loving relations do not exist. There is a widespread of illegitamet or unlawful relationships, meaning that adultery in the American society is a popular aspect, or a culture but not an exception. Any human society in any ther country might face adultery relations, but it would be exceptional and limited, practiced in secret or slightly becomes an activity of the norm. Once adultry becomes the habit and culture of the society, it would lead to the phenomenon of prostitution.
Where would all this lead? There are tens of millions of the USA births, where children do not have fathers; it is not a matter of only a thousand or two; it is one, two, or tens of millions. I remember a statistic that included forty million when Clinton was a president (I don't know if that statistic exaggerated).
This reason enforced Clinton to hold a convention at that time in order to discuss and limit this phenomenon. The children born from adultery are being registered under the name of their mothers.
Another abnormal relationship is that of incest, where a father sleeps with his daughter, a brother sleeps with his sister. Let us not forget the gays, Lesbians, and son on. These facts are an extraction and I do not want to lengthen the subject more than this, but we must realise that when we examine the popular sides of the society and families, we find that these are the ruling values that live in American society.
This completely means that Bush is saying to us your girls are well mannered, they have honors, shyness and bashfulness. However I will send you the values spreading presently in our societies and families. Every now and again the police takes Bush's daughters into custody and gather them from the pubs, not forgetting his nieces as well. Then they would say that his daughters are poor, they are alcoholic, and just like their daddy.
The main power that existed in our Arabic and Islamic world is still existing, and that is the power of the family bond, this bonding, this atmosphere of love, passion morality, and socialism; these are the issues they want to strike. The values of the American society say that these vitrues should no longer exist. We come to the conclusion of the first heading, which is the scattering and breaking unity of the family.

The second heading is in regards to the social issue.
There is an incline in the percentage of of the number of murders and killings.
Last time I read some amazing statistics regarding this phenomenon including the incidents of rubbery, assault and rape. I remember the statistics quoting that every minute there is such and such. It mentioned drugs, alcoholism, mafias, armed bandits, and the number of the prisons and prisoners was increasing in the USA, yet the violent culture was becoming popular.
The American films show mostly violence and sex actions, which reflect the life of American society.
Where to do these films and this culture of violence would lead? We hear every while that a teenager who is 8,10 or 15 years has entered his school while shooting his classroom mates. It means that he entered the classroom then directed the brunt of his bullets towards his mates with whom he has been sitting, drinking, eating, learning and playing for many years leading to their death. So the second heading is the increase of murders and killings inside the American society.
On this occasion I would like to tell you that if you examine the society of the Islamic and Arab world, the number of troubles and incidents, and the supressing circumstances applied by the regimes; then try to write a statistical report about the number of killings each year all over the Islamic and Arab world, you will find that the percentage is far less than that of the USA.

The Third title is the severe psychiatric and spiritual crisis and the cultural and spiritual emptyness.
A person is not just a body whose needs alone have to be satisfied and fullfilled. Besides the body there is the spirit that has needs as well such as love or passion of fatherhood, motherhood, brotherhood and other related relationships like friends. A man cannot avoid this side of needs. A person can fullfill his private body needs and seductions, be in control of power or whatsoever. On the other hand he feels that he needs a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a friend, good relations with others, love, tenderness, and to a much wider and higher horizon, which is reaching the absolute of such feelings.
This crisis is expressed by the high percentage of the ill people complaining of psychiatric illnesses in the society of the USA, and in the percentage of people who are abusing drugs and alcohol. The suicide percentage is rising one year after another, and yet there is the phenomenon of committing suicide in-groups (which means that fifty or sixty persons gather and commit suicide at one time). We can add to all these subjects the subject of racial discrimination as well when we talk about the values of the society of USA and Mr. Bush.
Fourteen hundred years ago this Quraan accused by the Americans of being a book of terror came down with a sign of Allah that said: I created both male and female and made thee different races so that you could meet and know each other, he who is the most generous at Allah is the most pious. Yet the prophet of this religion Mohammed ibn Abdullah (may peace be upon him) came to assure this idea and confirm that a man is no better than another except in his good deeds, there is no difference between Arab and a foreigner, or black and white.
Islam terminated this idea 1400 years ago.
While on the other hand this issue of racial discrimination is still present as I speak in the society of USA. There is a strong racial discrimination and hard feeling towards black people.
Who are these black people? When you look at a black man in the USA you must place a picture before your eyes which resembles the British and European colonists who conquered this new land of America accompanying with them hundreds of thousands of the black people who were brought as slaves from Africa in order to serve them in the USA.
The racial discrimination towards the blacks is still persisting in every aspect. Every now and again we read in the American press scripts about objections and sometimes watch demonstration and incidents on the screens due to this racial discrimination. Moreover, there is a racial discrimination towards the Red Indians who are the original inhabitants of the country.
After all these facts I tell you frankly that if it wasn't for the determined willingness, courage, Jihad, and fight of the Palestinian people, the Americans and their civilization would have decided to solve that problem of Israel between the Jews and Palestinians just like they did with the Indians.
This is the picture that lies in the mind of the American.

It is the picture of what they did with the original owners of the lands in the USA, it is how they are looking at them and treating them in the several aspects of life. We may in some cases find that there is a black in a high position of a certain party, or in a high position in the American administration, which means that if it was true it is an exception. Yet I believe that this is only a decoration to hide the real life these blacks and Indians are facing, and the reality of the racial discrimination that is persisting in the society of the USA.
Now let us examine the values of the American society when it comes to the military issue.
Speaking of the great American state-of-the-art regarding the military level, the first matter that would hit your mind is the crime of the 20th century. What is this crime? It is the bombarding of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan using nuclear bombs, and killing the hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children.
All the military researchers confirm that the USA did not need such operation to end the battle.
The USA executed that operation in order to terrorize Japan and the world, and to impose its presence and power within the framework of the formation of the world's new system after the war.
This Psychiatric background is nothing but revenge. It was a revenge for 2000 American soldiers or more who were killed by the Japanese suicide fighters. To revenge for 2000 soldiers they don't kill 2000 Japanese soldiers, or even 20000 Japanese soldiers; instead they kill hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children of the Japanese civilians.
This past century did not witness such crime; I don't think that even all the passed centuries have witnessed such crime. A crime that is extremely ugly and evil committed by the USA against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some of those who conducted this act are still alive in America and married with children. This means that this act is not very old and is not as if it took place 200 or 300 years ago.
Let's talk about the war crimes in Vietnam.
(The American is funny, he exaggerates and shakes the whole world because one American civilian was kidnapped and killed). In order for the Americans to win the war in Vietnam, they had no objection in destroying, burning, and wiping out complete Vietnamese villages, which sheltered women and children farmers.
They destroyed these villages because they thought that it could secure shelter and food for the Vietnamese fighters, or may offer support and information. On the other hand it may offer nothing. In order to crush the will of the Vietnamese fighters they would go ahead and burn a Vietnamese village completely. These actions are not old as well and as if they took place 100 years ago; no it happened some years ago.
Let's talk about war crimes in Afghanistan.
They say the Americans made a mistake and wiped out a village (it's ok it was a mistake and no one says anything).
Then they wipe out another village and say it's another mistake (it's ok the information was wrong, it was a mistake and no one says anything).
Then a third time the same happens.
You can count the Afghani villages that were destroyed by the American warplanes only because they doubted that they sheltered bases for Taliban and Al Qaeda, and no one says anything.
This is Strange!
Where are the organizations of human rights?
Where is the European Union?
Where is the Organization of the Islamic Conference?
Where is the world?
Where are the values of this world?
Where is the civilization?
No one is allowed to whisper since Bush is angry.
There were some people who were killed in New York and Washington, and Bush has the right to revenge by whatever means he wishes. Isn't that so? The warplanes flew and wiped out a convoy that included many Afghan tribe Sheikhs. Then they say it's a mistake. They did not even apologize. These spirits of the civilians killed in Afghanistan were not even respected by the USA.
I remember that there was one problem hanging between the Vietnamese and the Americans about whether the Americans should or should not apologize for what they did in Vietnam. I don't think they did. The Americans committed these war crimes.

Let us go further back in history to examine what they did to the Red Indians.
What can we find?
These poor Indians are incapable of producing cinema films to show the reality of what happened. But the Americans can produce many films to present the American soldiers as poor people who are defending civilization, and they place red feathers on the heads of the Red Indians picturing them as ignorant and immoral barbarians, and that they are attacking the peaceful Americans who in fact came and raped their lands and built forts on them.
Isn't this is how the American films are? The Red Indians came and attacked the fort, but the Americans did not come to occupy the lands of the Indians.
The same is happening now to the Palestinians in Palestine.
The Palestinians are attacking the Jews and their colonies or settlements, while it is not the Jews who came from outside then raped the lands and built settlements in Palestine.
We can also examine the helping hand of the American to many terrorizing and suppressing organizations in the world with arms, intelligence, training, support, and the most sophisticated American weapons (tested and provided). The most obvious example of these is Israel who is sponsored by the USA regarding the complete military association.
Now let's talk about the economic issue.
America is known to be a capitalistic monster due to its great economic values.
Who is this monster?
It represents a group of the greatest American companies and banks that hold and control everything.
Consequently fortune will grow for a little number of the rich who will grow richer every year. On the other hand the rest of the people can hardly make a living and their lives might improve slightly. It may feel strange when I say that there are tens of millions of the Americans who are living below the poverty line, and are being unemployed.
These are mostly blacks, red Indians, and some others. There is a group of savages controlling this economy.
These great companies that control economy and banks extend their hands to reach media and politics. Don't you think that these great industrial companies especially the arms industrial companies are the ones that brought George Bush to power. Now he is fulfilling his commitment towards them.
These are examples of the economical values ruling in the American society, the concentration of money at the hands of a limited group, while unemployment, and poverty lies especially at the blacks.
Did you know that they destroy large and huge quantities of crops?
For example they dump large quantities of wheat grains in the sea in order to maintain its value, while at the same time millions are dying from hunger. These are the American values, stealing the wealth of others.
What's happening in Africa for example?
Everyday we wake up to hear that wars are erupting in many African countries leading to the death of thousands.
Do you think that the Africans are fighting with one another?
I don't think so, because they did not fight previously and the daily living matters were normal and quiet. In fact there is a conflict of interest between the colonial influences. These are the new USA autocracy, and the old colonial situation.
In Africa many European countries have their shares like France, Britain, Italy, Holland, and even Belgium. Now the Americans came to wipe out all of these to inherit everything.
Who is fighting the African people? They themselves are fighting each other.
Who is killing the Africans? They themselves are killing one another.
In the end the American is in control and is stealing the wealth of those countries, then take it to the great American companies, while giving the Africans the very little and accept them as working farmers or mines workers, not more nor less. Stealing and controlling other's wealth are the economic values of the American society.
The Islamic world today is recognized to be the greatest exporter of the oil in the world, but tell me can the Arab and Muslim exporters of oil control the prices of oil.
No, they can't, they don't dare to, and they don't even dream of doing so, since in fact this issue lies in the American controlling hands. They are working on submitting the economy of the world to the interest of the American economy. They are doing this even to their ally and friend Europe. The Europeans are frequently raising alarms. America is forcing deals from one side. It applies economic punishment, and punishes the Europeans, Japan, Russia, and China. But in the Arab world we don't get punished because we don't upset them.
I have gathered these ideas for you to have an idea about the real identity of this American society, this American administration, and the values, which are ruling the American society.
What they tell the world about democracy and human rights are nothing but lies in order to control and rule the world, this is in regards to political issue. The American values say that America must interfere in each country or state (which is against the international law).

The American values tell the Americans to impose systems on people, systems that people do not want.
The American intelligence has always had the ability to organize coups, uprisings, and changes in some of the world's systems. It enforced rules on people against their will. This is the democratic country that is calling others to democracy.
It is known as well that USA was and still supporting some of the greatest autocrats in the world, and it says it wants to spread democracy and freedom.
Let's take an example:
The Shah system that was not present at the time of Bush, it was present at the time of Carter and even before. Did the Iranian people elect the Shah or was it an autocratic royal system against their will? The Shah had an absolute power.
The whole world knew that the Americans brought in the shah with a coup against Musaddak at that time. They brought him in against the will of the Iranians along with an autocratic royal system. No freedom was allowed, and there were no human rights. America defended the shah up till the last moment.
Why? Because America was the one who ruled Iran, while the shah was just an American tool. The ones who ruled Iran at the time of the Shah were 60,000 American experts and consultants. They controlled the army, economy, oil, education, media, radio and television, and all the documents confirm these issues.
We know that at present all the elected autocratic systems in the world are supported, and protected by the USA because they are under their control and apply their interest.
So the issue is an issue of money and power and not an issue of democracy, freedom, and human rights.
The country whose system submits to the American policy and declares its willingness to serve the American interest would have enough qualifications to become under the USA. Isn't this is the political reality in the world? Let someone else say otherwise.
At this point I do not want to mention names of such systems since the Arab summit is soon and we are having guests in Lebanon after some days, and we do not want to upset anyone. This reality shows the American political program, which is the terrorizing of the states in the world. Anyone who does not submit to America will be placed on the list of terrorists.
Let's take another example: imagine this story.
Two days ago they say there was a leak (look to how they play games).
They said that the pentagon with its greatness is informatively penetrated and that there was a leak. This leak was done on purpose in order to converse about placing plans for nuclear strikes against each of the following countries: Syria, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Russia, and China. Later on the national security councilor and the American foreign secretary start explaining and clarifying the issue saying that America is naturally a threatened country, and that they must have precautions and procedures, but on the other hand they do not have any order to strike anyone with nuclear weapons.
Nevertheless the message reached its destiny informing the people of these countries that America is ready to strike you with nuclear weapons when necessary. Is this the American civilization Bush is asking for to be spread all over the world?
What's America's problem with these countries?

First of all Iran has cut relationships with America.
China was meeting with America two days ago. Bush was visiting China and Russia to meet with them. So what's the problem? The problem is that if these countries wanted to have independent decisions, and did not submit to the American decisions, then it would be enough for America to place them on the list of terrorists.
This subject does not need any more explanation in order to speak out the political truth and the absolute American sponsorship to the raping Israeli entity, supporting it politically, economically, militarily and with media.
The American values allow the American administration to support the conquering and invading occupier, terrorist, and murderer (Israel), yet punishes and seizes the poor tyrannized people of Palestine whose lands have been occupied and who were dispelled from their lands. What is Cheney doing in the region? What is Zinni doing in Palestine? It is certain that they came to prepare for a new strike against Iraq.
But what are they doing to the Palestinians? Cheney visits Sharon, and tells Arafat to apply Tennet's peace plan and that he might meet with him some time in the future (this is humiliation within itself to Arafat).
Some papers have published the peace plan of Tennet, which rules the military, and security surrender of the Palestinians. There is not even one word of political issues in this plan. Moreover I have begun to build up some convincing issues about some of the aims of Cheney's tour around the Arab states, which is not only to discuss the Iraqi issue, but also to convince the Arab states to completely abandon the Palestinians right for repatriation at the summit.
My information says that some Arab states are already working on this to make it become one of the summit resolutions in Beirut.
I frankly tell you that some Arab states are preparing for such an issue.
Who wants to rule out the right for repatriation? Is it the Palestinians? No, the Arab states are not even convinced with it, but the Americans want this, and the people are seeking America's satisfaction, so why should they upset them. They see the fact that selling the right for repatriation is imposed by reality and rationalism, and a solution could be sought after. The American is most definitely working in this region for the interest of this Israeli entity reaching out to the stage of erasing resisting vocabulary out of the political dictionary, and recognizing the resistance as terror.
I consider that this is the top of the American tyranny and ending up into being trapped by the American values. It is a time when the occupying and assaulting tyrant becomes immune, while the resistant to occupation becomes terrorist, and in some speeches Bush is saying that this terrorist should not live. He says that terrorists who are defending their rights should not be allowed to live since they spread death.
Who are these terrorists? According to Mr. Bush the resistant is a terrorist and should not live.
These are some of the American values, which we see. I did not add anything to your information tonight. I just did a montage by gathering this information and giving you one clear picture about the American. These are the issues that I remembered, but there must be more.
We do not deny that America has a great technological and scientific development, and has a great military force, and great economy.
We do not deny that there are elections in America. But in fact the voting notes, which fall, in the voting boxes are inked with the blood, and body pieces of some of the people of this world.
There will soon be American elections, and in order for the Republican Party to win the elections it must cause wars, and kill some thousands of the Iraqi poor people to secure its winning. Each election must include our oil, blood, flesh, dignity, destiny, and our people. Even if their elections had some democracy than still they are filled with the smell of gunpowder, blood, money, power, and the blood of the tyrannized people of our region.
If there is something important for the Americans it is the money, power, and technology. That's all. There is no other civilization, philosophy, values, ideologies, human ethics or virtues, passion or love…

Where are all of these?
In summary I can present you a picture of this American administration. It is a monster that is thirsty for power, thirsty for blood, and stepping over everything. This monster is like the monsters in the American movies, it takes the shape of a human who shaved his beard, put on a cravat, dressed a nice suit, and wore the nicest of the perfumes. This is the American picture that is beautiful on the outside but ugly and mean on the inside.
After all of this presentation I would like to reach the following conclusion.
What America has in hands today, was owned by the titans of the world previously, but each according to the requirements of his age: Greeks, Romans, Persians, Pharaohs in Egypt, and many more who had the might and money, armies and techniques; each according to their requirements.
For example: the Pharaoh's civilization was of great economic elements, their techniques have included some puzzles, which are not solved yet.
What I want to ask is that do you have a legal right to practice all these tyrannies on earth when you have the money and power, the armies and techniques? Are these enough to put you in control of the world forever? The Pharaoh was like this and has ended, and so others. Cesar was like this and passed away.
Allah almighty says: Look to the conditions of those before thee.
Today when we recognize the reality of these values and the instruction of this American existence, we can stand up and say frankly and truthfully that we may not be able to do anything, but we have a word of right that we should speak out.
Today the basic source of evil and terror, the central threat for the world's peace and economy, the basic threat for even the environment of this world, the basic source for wars, killings, seductions, civil and regional wars in this world is the United States of America which is claiming that it's defending the values of civilization and freedom, and this is the truth. In return for this truth and this fact we as an Islamic and Arabic nation must have our existence, values and civilization, our culture and inheritance, our customs and habits. We must refuse this invasion, and face it with all of what we have.
It's good to benefit from technology since it is necessary; it is good to learn from their developed administration if they have one since it's wanted. But we do not need to learn from the Americans any values, ethics, of culture since we have these.
These are our lands, countries, and they are countries with values, ethics, basic and initial human culture and inheritance. We should never feel for even a moment that we are lacking any of these, especially when they talk to us about the American civilization and values.
Our nation despite of its declines in some circumstances regarding many issues is still a better place for living. Go to all over the Arabic and Islamic countries and you will find that the society of the country in the worst situation and circumstances is still holding to its instinctive human values and ethics, and to its proper habits of dignity, honor, generosity, and human sympathy towards other's pains and sufferings.
At this point I do not want to stand up and say let's declare war on the USA, let's prepare armies to invade and destroy the USA, no, this is not my aim.
I would like to say yet that they are the ones, who declared war on us, and are invading and fighting our nation, its religion, culture, civilization, values, oil, water, trade, interests, existence, sovereignty, political decisions, dignity, pride and freedom. This nation should defend itself against this invasion.
Here I am talking about a legitimate defense by all means, and in every field whether political, cultural, media, and social, economical or other. We can defend, resist, and preserve our nation, its dignity, religion and values, and we should do so.
We must not weaken and surrender, we must work with trust. Here I wish to remind you all in this present generation at this present time in our Islamic and Arabic world that our history is full of many invasions that came to our regions.
The Moguls came to our countries, destroyed, burned, killed, and butchered; but since our religion and nation are great, our nation could assimilate these Mogul attacks with its various stages. It could not defeat them militarily, but it could face them with culture, religion and thought. As a result many of the Mogul kings became Muslims and they spread Islam around the world including mid-Asia and some of the present Russian republics. They also became defenders of Islam at some stages.
Another invaders were the crusaders. The many crusader armies were also faced, opposed, defeated, and expelled out of this region.
Therefore we are not people without history or experience.
We are not people whose region did not experience such difficulties and challenges throughout the history. Our history is rich with such challenges. Our nation was always able to prove that it can assimilate such attacks, oppose the aggressors, and expel the invaders and occupiers.
This fact needed the sacrifices of men and women who had the will and readiness to sacrifice. The defeated, surrenderer, and the ones who are satisfied with sitting on their humiliated thrones are not qualified to defend this nation, its dignity and values. On the other hand there were always men and women leaders, followers, soldiers and fighters, who had the will to carry the flag or emblem, march forward and defeat the invaders and goons. This happened continuously, needed only time, and sacrifices. No one should imagine that these kinds of confrontations could be concluded within a year, two, or even ten years.
It may take one or two generations. But in the end the enemy will be defeated and this nation will win. This is Allah's promise to the good and the powerless. The hands of this generation and every generation will no doubt defeat the all those like great Pharaoh, his assistant Hâmân, and their soldiers. But as I said it needs a firm stand, readiness, sacrifice, and time.

From Al Hussein (A) we learn that we may have to pay a high price in order to triumph and may not live to see victory. We learn that the true sacrificing people are those who offer their bloods in order for others to live after while triumphed, with dignity and freedom.
In such a manner our lord Al Hussein (p) offered himself, his children, his family, and companions in order to defend Islam, its teachings and values, which was targeted by Yazeed so that this religion could survive afterwards due to his martyrdom and after his martyrdom.
He did so for this nation to keep these values and redeem its willingness, cautiousness, conscience, courage, and refuse all the humiliation by facing Yazeed and every Yazeedian* through history. This is a great lesson taught to us by our master Hussein (p).
Our present generation should not accept defeat if it is unable to achieve victory.
It must tolerate and confront, be firm and teach this type of culture to the generation after so that it would some how find the ability of transforming confrontation into victory. I repeat if we cannot achieve victory we should not accept defeat or surrender.
This is one of the great lessons, which we learn from Al Hussein (p) in Karbalaa, and which is needed by our nation in this age.
In the end I would like to thank Mr. Tennet, the CIA director who claimed in an article of the press that there is no difference between the Shiite terror and the Sunnite terror.
His words are somehow asking the Sunnite and the Shiite to unite, just as I said during my first speech on the first night. As you see the Americans want the Sunnite and the Shiite to unite, and why shouldn't we? Terror to them is no longer defined as being that of Khomeini Shiite terror coming from Iran, or that of Sunnite terror coming from Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden. The subject to them is now one; it is Islam and the Quraan.
They now recognize Islam and the Quraan as the religion and book of terror. This will hopefully be the final and conclusive battle, and maybe the last battle of mankind. There is nothing left to confront this autocratic American tyrant in controlling the world except Islam, the Islamic nation, the Islamic cautiousness, and the Islamic civilization.
The power of Islam is inciting hundreds of millions, and changing a man into a martyrdom lover. It is also changing a woman as we've seen on TV into a mother who stands up with firmness without any trembleness in her voice to encourage her son towards offering his soul and becoming a martyr, then she becomes happy as she receives the news of his martyrdom.
This means that Islam never came to people as a stranger from any part of the world. This belief, thought and ideology originated from our land here in Mecca, Medina, and lived through our generations.
It is thought to be the last threat to America, and that there is nothing left beyond Islam.
The Russians do not form any threat anymore they are poor.
China is crippling with one step forward and one step backwards. The only thing that the Americans are looking at as being a real threat is this original Islam, they see it as a giant that shook itself and began moving, while its original aspects started to appear in the Islamic world. These are conducted studies and researches and I am not analyzing.

On this occasion I would like to mention that Brigenski who used to be Carter's national security consular, has expected besides Khomeini the collapse of the Soviet Union. In addition Brigenski himself said: The next century will witness the collapse of the Capitalistic Civilization of the West. People will start looking for an alternative to satisfy their bodies and spiritual needs. He added saying: the only alternative will be religion, and when people look around religions they will not find a religion that can answer all their questions except the one which was brought by a prophet named Mohammed, and that is Islam. Brigenski expected more than twenty years ago that this is going to be the century of Islam, and America is not one person who wanted to become an enemy.
The story is not Bush's alone. The story includes associations that rule, centers of studies, intelligence and information, these all are included in the enemy. When America today looks at Islam as an enemy, it is because it knows according to all of its datas and information that Islam is the real opponent to its evil autocracy, which wants to control this world, especially the Islamic world.
The return of the nation to its Islamic principles, and its commitment to Islam, is hopefully the good news. If things are going in this direction, then hopefully this will be the last war between belief and disbelief, between good and evil, between Islam and Satan. Therefore we have to look with hope towards the future.
As I said before, from between the corpses and the smell of blood, gunpowder and rising smoke, darkness surrounding us, we should always look for a sun, which will rise in the future. This sun is our foreseen holy leader Al Mahdi (8) the son of Hassan (may Allah bring him out soon). He will come from the unknown to conclude this great battle. This is a belief we carry and every Muslim who believes in Quraan and its promise carries it as well.
In the end I would like to say that each one of us should carry his responsibilities, each father and mother, man and woman, teacher and pupil, boy and girl. We are all concerned in this battle that is not the battle of governments. This is the battle of people; it's a great responsibility, which we should all carry during the next historic and destined stage.
May peace be upon you my lord and master Abu Abdullah Al Hussein and the spirits that are floating around your grave.
I send you my adoration as long as night follows day.
I ask my dear Allah to keep me committed to continuously visit thee.
May peace be upon Al Hussein, Ali ibn Al Hussein, the sons of Al Hussein, and the followers of Al Hussein.

And may peace be upon you all.

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