Playing with fire next to the powder keg: How world war is deliberately provoked | 08. Oktober 2015

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Unnoticed by the public, the arrangements for a military conflict between NATO and Russia are running at full speed. Overshadowed by internal problems through the refugee crisis, the intensity of provocations against Russia and the continuous armament of NATO are no longer reaching the ears of the population. Here are the four most important examples: Between September 28 and November 6 the NATO-exercise “Trident Juncture” is taking place. All together 36,000 military members from more than 30 nations are performing this exercise with roughly 160 airplanes, 60 ships and submarines, as well as thousands of other vehicles. Using the “Spearhead” of the NATO task force, consisting of primarily German Army members, it’s the largest maneuver of the western military alliance since 2002. Lieutenant General Rossmanith explains the meaning of the maneuver as follows: “We send out the message: NATO is the strongest military alliance of the world. ‘Trident Juncture’ unmistakably sends the signals of the ability to act, the ability to react, and cohesion of the alliance. And the most important message is: Everyone should think twice as to how they are going to deal with us.” Currently, this message is unmistakably addressed to Russia. And meanwhile Russia is also not passive. On September 14th the Russian maneuver “Centr-2015” started. A week before, without prior notice and just for practice, all forces of the central administration district, as well as the air force, the airborne troops, and the transport aviation forces from all parts of Russia were switched into a stage of increased combat readiness. About 90,000 men, more than 7,000 combat vehicles, and about 170 air planes have already participated in this exercise that was supposed to prepare the “Centr-2015” maneuver. As reported in the meantime, the main maneuver includes 95,000 soldiers at 20 locations.
As if the situation were not already escalated enough the preparations for the stationing of American nuclear bombs at the German air base Büchel in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany are currently in session. All this with the acquiescence of chancellor Angela Merkel. By this action she is ignoring the resolution of the German parliament of March 2010 which was taken by a large majority that the Federal Government should, I quote: “advocate the withdrawal of remaining nuclear weapons from Germany, vis-à-vis the American allies.” Also in the coalition agreement of the Union and the FDP in 2009 the German government had promised the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Büchel. But now the ZDF-magazine “Frontal 21” reports that the planned US-budget proves the exact opposite. Armaments experts confirm that the weapons intended to be placed there, tactical nuclear weapons of type B61-12, are considerably more accurate than previous bombs. Furthermore, in case of war, German Tornado-pilots shall be able to fly attacks with US-bombs in the scope of the NATO’s strategy of “nuclear participation”. This participation provides that NATO-states will become nuclear powers.
Another component of the escalation is the full equipment of German Eurofighters in the Baltic states. This means that modern warplanes with full war armament are flying along the Russian border. Sarah Wagenknecht, deputy fraction leader of the Left Party, severely condemned this escalation and provocation. “These are highly dangerous war games which are increasing the threat of war for all of Europe,” says Sarah Wagenknecht to the “Deutsche Presseagentur”. Whoever is flying fully armed Eurofighters to Eastern Europe must obviously be out of their mind. The speaker of the Russian foreign ministry, Maria Sacharowa commented on NATO’s strategy of nuclear participation saying, “We are concerned that states, which are not in possession of nuclear weapons, are exercising the use of such weapons within the scope of the NATO practice of the nuclear participation. This is a violation of articles 1 and 2 of the treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.” In summary it can be ...

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