Revelation Time

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Here is what you all been waiting for, Revelation Time by Romye ft. Jacky.
The Official Release.
This Could Cause WORLD WAR 111.
Russia and Ukraine closer to all-out war after 40 die in rebel-held city as British warplanes assemble on Putin's border
Day of intense fighting as army attempts to take back seized city Slaviansk
Ukraine acting president said: 'Criminals received big losses during the operation: many were killed, wounded and arrested'

Two helicopters shot down over Slaviansk, which was overrun by rebels
One shot down by missile - killing its pilot and a serviceman - while the other forced to land under heavy attack
Ukraine army arrested four suspected of bringing down helicopters
Suspects heads covered in black bags and hands tied behind back

Putin says the offensive 'effectively destroyed the last hope' of peace deal
Phillip Hammond arrives in Lithuania to meet troops and Typhoon jets
Meanwhile Russia deploys attack helicopters to borders with Baltic states
ISRC: JME121400011

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