Sam Tinnesz - Indestructible (feat. Jung Youth) [Official Audio]

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Sam Tinnesz - Indestructible (feat. Jung Youth)
Warplanes EP out now -

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The world's stepping into chaos

What does it take
They want me to break
They want me to fold
They want me to lose I'm stuck on my own

They're just waiting to betray us

Who can I trust
They want my soul
I cannot fall
I cannot stall
I want it all
I wanna know

Well you better say your prayers

Cause it all falls down
When the night creeps in
And the lights go out again
But I'll be there til the end

Feel indestructible
I am the animal
About to take control
No fear inside the blaze
I'm stronger than the flames
Can't stop, so here I go
I'm indestructible

Lambs turning into lions

I wanna roar
Show em my teeth
Settle the score
Gimme some more
Gimme some more

Are you ready for the riots?

All in the streets
Rich and the poor
Reaching the peak
What do you see
What do you want
What is it for?

Throwing boulders at Goliath
Til it all falls down
And we take that crown
And we reign like champions
Gonna be here til the end

Coming out swinging and I won't back down
I don't back down
Coming out swinging and I won't back down
Through hell or high water
Push on like a soldier
Coming out swinging and I won't back down
I won't back down

#SamTinnesz #Warplanes
Sam Tinnesz is originally from Atlanta, Ga but has now lived in Nashville, TN for 15 years. He signed his first record deal with Curb Records before he graduated college and toured for over 8 years all around North America soon after. In his mid 20’s, he decided to leave the road and start writing exclusively. He went on to later to be an integral part of the team that developed Ruelle, who in 2018 was Billboard’s number 1 most synced artist. He also has written and co-produced for artists like Banners, Andreas Moss, Daniella Mason, Fleurie, Erin McCarley and others.

Now stepping into his own solo career he’s found success landing spots on Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, Jeep, Toyota, Samsung Galaxy ad and countless other network show features. Amassing over 70 million streams on his latest LP independently with no label in a small amount of time, he is excited about the future and releasing a new record later this year with ADA.

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