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  • 04:01 Популярные War Thunder User Skin "Blue Boy Express"

    War Thunder User Skin "Blue Boy Express"

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    Custom user skin created for the Douglas A-20G-25 Havoc. Pilot/Skin Creator: =XGS= Rogue68 Visit Us At: https://xiangamers.com If you would like to have your name and squadron tags placed on the skin, please contact me at: xiangamersvideos@gmail.com or by

  • 01:15 World of Warplanes TV Spot (Russian)

    World of Warplanes TV Spot (Russian)

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    Three versions of this were filmed and made. Primarily we made a paid for opener for the Golden Joystick Awards. Secondly, using the same footage, we made two TV spot style adverts, one in English, the other in Russian, promoting online aerial dog-fightin

  • 01:15 Популярные World of Warplanes (Russian TV Spot 2013)

    World of Warplanes (Russian TV Spot 2013)

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    Russian TV promo promoting online aerial dog-fighting game, World of Warplanes Written & Directed by Alun D. Pughe Trevor Witt ... producer Bob Abbott ... exec producer Dave Boddington ... exec producer Clair Porteous ... exec producer Cast Nika Khitrova

  • 03:50 Iconic British Warplanes

    Iconic British Warplanes

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    History of the most iconic British war planes since the First World War.