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  • 01:57 Популярные World of Warplanes Trailer

    World of Warplanes Trailer

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    I was brought in to direct this Teaser trailer for the international launch of the online game World of Warplanes. Client: Wargaming.net Production: IMS & Fido & SMI Creative Director: John Klepper Director: Steven Ilous IMS producers: Filip Carvell, John

  • 03:39 Miyazaki Dreams of Flying - Video Essay

    Miyazaki Dreams of Flying - Video Essay

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    Originally published on Fandor Keyframe : https://www.fandor.com/keyframe/miyazaki-dreams-flying Hayao Miyazaki’s love of flight and flying machines is no secret to even a casual admirer of his work. Nearly all of his feature films contain at least one br

  • 03:50 Популярные Iconic British Warplanes

    Iconic British Warplanes

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    History of the most iconic British war planes since the First World War.