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  • 01:15 Популярные World of Warplanes TV Spot (Russian)

    World of Warplanes TV Spot (Russian)

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    Three versions of this were filmed and made. Primarily we made a paid for opener for the Golden Joystick Awards. Secondly, using the same footage, we made two TV spot style adverts, one in English, the other in Russian, promoting online aerial dog-fightin

  • 03:20 Популярные Epic Game Cinematic Montage III

    Epic Game Cinematic Montage III

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    I do not own any of the footage used in this clip, nor the music, as I am responsible of editing only. This is the third video montage of my series. Make sure to turn up the volume and enjoy the moment. Editing Philip Harris-Genois pharrisgenois.wix.com/p