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  • 02:19 Популярные Warplanes Using Time as Material (Rough Draft)

    Warplanes Using Time as Material (Rough Draft)

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    A rough draft file compiling World War II-era and present-day clips of fighter planes in the heat of battle. No reposting any clips of this upload without approval.

  • 01:15 Популярные World of Warplanes (Russian TV Spot 2013)

    World of Warplanes (Russian TV Spot 2013)

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    Russian TV promo promoting online aerial dog-fighting game, World of Warplanes Written & Directed by Alun D. Pughe Trevor Witt ... producer Bob Abbott ... exec producer Dave Boddington ... exec producer Clair Porteous ... exec producer Cast Nika Khitrova

  • 02:58 Популярные China’s Wings

    China’s Wings

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    From the acclaimed author of Enduring Patagonia comes a dazzling tale of aerial adventure set against the roiling backdrop of war in Asia. The incredible real-life saga of the flying band of brothers who opened the skies over China in the years leading up