The Drydock - Episode 095

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00:00:00 - Intro

00:00:46 - Were the Italian torpedo boats like the Spica class worth it?

00:04:56 - Is it true that the IJN alone was capable of torpedo reloads at sea?

00:08:59 - What effect would the Dutch 1047's have had on the Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies?

00:13:09 - Why did the Royal Navy have so many different guns?

00:20:55 - What happened to the Danish warships the Royal Navy "liberated" at Copenhagen in 1807?

00:24:14 - Why didn't SMS Kaiser sink?

00:28:53 - How effective were 50cal and 20+mm mounted on aircraft against ships?

00:34:04 - How did the Zero fair as a kamikaze plane? Also Kamikazes in general, what planes were the most devastating?

00:38:47 - Have you read “The Kamikaze Hunters” by Will Iredale? What are your thoughts on the FAA’s transition in personnel and equipment when it moved from Europe to the Pacific during WW2?

00:43:32 - Who had more ships still at the end of the WW2, Japan or Germany?

00:45:42 - Did the "USS Robin" aka HMS Victorious teach many valuable lessons for the British for use of the future British Pacific Fleet when they returned in 1944? Did the US pick up on any of the lessons of aircraft plotting from the British in return? Was the act of sending in her to plant up the Allied war effort a waste or did she actually preform well in just being there than not?

00:52:48 - If the Montana class battleships has been built by the US, do you think the US would’ve retained just the Montana’s and scrapped the Iowa’s? Or do you think they would’ve kept both classes?

00:58:24 - Q&A: Can you tell us a bit about how the Mary Rose was found and raised?

01:05:45 - Channel Admin

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