The Halloween UFO (Trailer)

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Capture 1 Studios presents The Halloween UFO (trailer)

It was a warm and clear evening as "trick-or-treaters" set out to gather ghoulish goodies. It was the turn of the century and a new era had arrived. However, on this night, something other than stars lurked in our skies.

On the night of October 31st, 2000, over 25 reports of strange lights, fireballs, egg shaped craft, and blackouts flooded the mid-west area. With sightings as far as California and New York, this event goes down as one of the most witnessed in recent years.

Among the witnesses was a pizza driver from Cygnet, Ohio. The pizza lady not only witnessed the strange lights, but got an up-close and personal look at a strange craft! The object described was not of this world. What happens next, will shock you even more!

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