World of Warplanes | ME-262 Enter the STORMBIRD!

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This is a World of Warplanes gameplay from the map Northern Bridgehead Valhalla (Conquest) NA server, patch

I just unlocked the ME-262 and after playing a few games in it I realized this "heavy fighter" needs to be flown like...a "heavy fighter". Being a jet fighter, one tends to forget this fighter is still manuvering like what it is. There are plenty of aircraft you will meet in the ME-262 which can out turn you and eat you for lunch, jet and propeller alike, especially while you are still grinding it to its specialist level.

So, I started booming and zooming and retaining altitude as much as I could and it works. I have read comments from other players who did not like this aircraft, but I am liking this plane. It fits my play style as a heavy fighter enthusiest and I am having a great time playing it.

More to come later...


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