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As far as Tier X Fighters in this game the MiG 15 is among the most Iconic. The MiG 15 was a respected foe to the F-86 Sabre throughout the Korean War. The reason for the high caliber guns was for intercepting the US B-29. This proved a difficult combo to engage fighters due to the low rate of fire and the drastically different ballistics between the 37mm and the 2x23mm cannons. This didn't mean it was impossible, and when introduced to the conflict the MiGs slightly outpaced the Sabres for aerial victories.

This was one of the two planes I really wanted to get at tier X. The other was the Sabre, solely based on the historic significance. But in game it has proven a strong aircraft, posting the highest speed for an altitude fighter, and fire power that will cripple any adversary it can connect with. All in all, it's a great fighter if you can master the dissimilar gun setup.

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