World of Warplanes | P-82B Twin Mustang | Long Anticipated | Tier VIII | Premium | Heavy

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I'm sure someone will debate me on this one, but this feels like a heavy version of a multirole. The reload, maneuverability, and optimum altitude are consistent with a multirole. The cal machine guns feel as strong as you would expect especially verse bombers due to the duration of fire you can get out of machine guns. This was meant to be a reward for a mentor-ship program, but I guess that stalled and the dry spell of aircraft releases must have forced the developers hand here. I for one am not going to complain about the release method since I have wanted this plane ever since I heard about it. It has been in the wiki for some time now just taunting me, and not that it has graced my hanger I can easily say that I am a happy pilot.

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