World of Warplanes | Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast | Vampire F.1 | Tier VIII | Fighter

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This is a video I hope portrays the generally calm flight I had in this plane. It isn't so much a highlight of the plane but rather the concept of letting the plane fly itself with you simply suggesting the path of travel through minor adjustments. This is in stark contract to my initial attempts to play this game years ago. I often hammered the controls in an attempt to force the aircraft to do the things i demanded (not requested) of her. This yielded mixed results over the long term, with some success as i got better at aiming. But this concept has treated me much better, and at the very least made the game a bit more fun to play. I don't feel like I am trying to will the plane to turn through gritted teeth and mashed keys.

Intro Music from Neffex Music
Song: Lost Within" by Neffex

Outro music from Neffex Music
Song: "Soldier" by Neffex

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