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Scavenger Hunt Info and Codes for May (NA Server)
May 8 Code: C6FM77HA May 7 Code : NN6968FP
Redeem code https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/
For those new to WoT's Scavenger Hunts, the gist is this: You have to find codes that Wargaming hides around various media related to World of Tanks (usually Community Contributors' various streaming/media accounts) . Entering these codes can reward Personal Reserves (temporary account-wide boosts to XP or credits), XP, consumables, and maybe other things. Codes are valid from the day they are revealed until 6:20 AM Eastern two days afterwards. This month, these rewards are gated behind missions to just place in the top 10 XP earners on you team in a battle. The codes expire after two days, but the missions are able to be completed from when you unlock them until the end of the month. Detailed descriptions are in the link(s) below.
May 1: YMRTKR2Z (from the official forum post linked at the top of this post)
May 2: 2TAJJ3K6 (from "WoT Social Media", specifically their Facebook and Twitter)
May 3: Y8X44PR4 (from the WoT Weekly video on WG's Youtube channel)
May 4: FH72M7MC (from XanderP on Twitch and YouTube)
May 5: 2Z9YM6HZ (from TRUvoodoo on YouTube)
May 6: T2NAANJ7 (from OminousFyxen on Twitch)
May 7: NN6968FP (from Sofilein on YouTube at 4 PM Eastern)

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